Promotional Warning

a photographic billboard : Sarai Reader 09, The Exhibition, episode 3, 3rd February 2013 at Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, India

Promotional Warning a photo exhibition on the power of the subliminal message : six posters A3, six postcards (10X15 cm), two advertising shapes

While advertising by its very nature and function is slick, hoping in this manner to attract maximum attention in a limited time-frame. In Promotional Warning, the visual grammar doesn’t evoke a feeling of the utopian perfection although borrows it basic form and shape from billboards and metropolis. Unlike promotional photos which promote a glorious body and perfect objects, the photographs of Promotional Warning echo the sentiment of the vacuum of a disenchanted world on one hand and while simultaneously revealing an intimacy not usually expressed in adverts. In this exhibition, each photograph is juxtaposed with cards carrying a poignant and powerful message that draw the viewer to think. Youth, Yield, YMCA are diverted and criticized.

The work reveals and mocks at the propaganda which encourages productivity and produce without consideration of the environment, youth at all costs and the loss of the catholic media message. This exposition forces introspection on the subliminal power of advertising.

The universal forms and shapes of billboards and metropolis around the world are used to express these messages.

Visitors will receive postcards and posters. This work is influenced by conceptual, social and street art. Posters and Postcards are reproducible and can be print at several copy, this fact ask also the copyright notion who exists in the art world.

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